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Up late, out of bed after 10am, then just lazed around and played on the computer. Went outside for awhile, just out front to get the paper and then out back on the deck for awhile checking on the plants there. Then on the computer messing with the beer list and photos.


Brian and I went over to McCray’s Tavern for lunch, got the goofy guy up on the patio but the food was good. A bunch of gals at the table on the far side seemed to be having a good time. One gal sat down and decided that sitting facing a bunch of people with her legs open and wearing a short skirt would be cool, I though so too. The weather is just FANTASTIC right now, in the mid 70’s and sunny. After getting home I did a bit of yardwork, mostly just trimming the crept myrtles and some of the vines in the side and back yard.

Taco Mac for the Terrapin Hoppy Monster Cask, got there a bit early after a little thing with Brian, he came up and said something about “What? you are not already at Taco Mac” and it kind-of pissed me off, I said that it was Sunday and I didn’t have to be anywhere special at any time. He made a comment about why I was being sarcastic and I said it was because he was, or at least I felt that he was. But I have to admit that I always feel he is being sarcastic when he says most things. Like when he comes up and says almost anything, it could be considered sarcastic.

Got to T-Mac and met a very cool chick, Georgia who is a chef at the Williams Sonoma over at the Mall, I need to get over there this week. A sexy brunette with great cleavage and wearing a long flowing skirt/dress. Gave me lots of info on a new boning knife, but talked me into a sushi knife which is much more what I am looking for. Let me know a bit about some things including some stuff on al-clad and mandolins. A chick next to her, hot in her own right, even hotter than Georgia but she didn’t talk to me much, I did try to start something but zilch. She asked me my name, and then told me she thought she knew me but didn’t go any farther, I should have just told her BULLSHIT but she was too nice looking for me to do that. instead I just asked where and she had no answer. Whatever I think it was a case where she didn’t understand why I gave the gal, Georgia more attention than her, because she was cool and actually talked.

Pete showed up a bit before the Terrapin brew was being drafted, I chatted with him and then the other dude, Alan that I had met before. Chatted with the Couple from NC and Timmy for a bit before they left and also the lesbian couple that were from the Army. Got home before 1- so it wasn’t a bad night. Helped Nicki wthin a thing for her bed, basically a new box-spring. Talked to Brad about a Jeep Wrangler, he got his at a place called Adventure Jeeps, in Cartersville, need to look them up on the web.