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cloudyCloudy and hazy all day, a bit warmer than normal though, in the high to mid sixties. Sun only came out in the afternoon for a short time.

Work was a bit slow, the build machine not set up yet.


I called up the dentist and they do have my crown and said they could get it “installed” this afternoon @ 3:20pm. Headed out of work about 2:15 in order to get back to Lawrenceville by then and just about the time I was rounding the corner of 120 where Great Expressions, my dentist, is they called to say they had an emergency and they were going to have to re-schedule, FUCK! OK, tomorrow @ 8:10 it is.

Decided to go ahead and order a TriggerTrap Arduino off of Amazon. They were suppose to just bill me for one when they began to stock again but I haven’t heard a thing and then looked it up. They billed me so I hope it comes in soon, and is right. They were having lots of trouble with the China connections they had.

Came home and watched some BBT and the newest Cougar Town. Also made some chicken fajitas and smashed up an avocado. Very yummy but still unable to eat very well. Brian was going to the ‘Shroom for dinner and invited me to have a beer or something, I was sleeping mostly on the chair and thought about it buy since I wanted to go to Trivia tonight I decided against it.

Trivia was cool, bunch of people today, Sam, Brett, Bill, Kate, Russell, a friend of Sam’s-Lisa, Autumn, her friend Brian and I. We were in the thick of things until the last question where we lost it all. Not very conservative when it comes to betting. Had one too many beers actually, should have just stayed with two.