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Rainy and warm, only 59 when I woke up, started the day with shorts and a hoodie.

Brian called in the morning to tell me he had a small fender bender, but no fenders were bent. The lady who hit him in the rear just barely tapped him and neither saw any damage so they exchanged info and went along their way after the police got there.

PhotoSmith, a cool iPad program for importing photos and doing a bit before syncing with Lightroom, is delayed again. Looks like it’s going to be about a month behind schedule at a minimum. With a small Agile team they should be able to have added a few things and then released instead of holding so long, well at least in theory they should have been. I’m just a bit excited to get my hands on something that seems to be exactly what I was looking for to begin with when I purchased it about a year ago. I’m thankful they are giving v1 users a free upgrade, I know I would buy it anyway so I guess I shouldn’t be so impatient.

Due to my contact lens purchase I’ve messed up my finances for the beginning of the month, now I’ve taken out over $200 out of savings and need another $50 to $100 today to fill up the tank and then allow myself to have some fun on Wednesday @ Parma Trivia. Just about the same amount of money I spent on my contacts. I wish I had at least tried to use the Flex Spending Debit Card before using my Bank Debit. 🙁

I only weighed 212 this morning, not sure if I really am loosing weight or if I just didn’t eat well yesterday. I’ve also been a bit below the weather, a bit of back and forth from the bathroom today, and tummy not feeling well. I’ve only ate a McD’s breakfast boritto, two pears and some Tostitos corn chips.

Texted KimO about meeting up for some dinner tonight over at the Los Arcos, dinner a bit later than I would do but cool enough. Got the car washed and then had a beer over at the Shroom before, went home messed with the car some more and then went over to meet her. She was already there, and we sat down. I felt like I hold the conversation, not very give & take imo. They didn’t have Riesling, damn, the second place to be out of it, and then they didn’t have white zif either. I had suggested that we head over to the Shroom for another drink, she said something about messing up her routine or something on that order if she stayed up late, instead we said goodbye, with a hug outside near her car, maybe I should have tried a bit of something more, nothing too much but Damn It! I want a bit more from the relationship than friends, maybe some benefits but I really do want a true relationship. I’m really not sure if she is open to more or not, mostly I believe NOT.