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Researched a little more about the abortion status in most states and it seems like after row versus Wade was turned over a lot of states went back to the laws they had whatever that first supreme court judgment came down I think it was in the 60s or maybe the 70s? It seems that eight states currently have abortion outlawed because of it and maybe states are talking about raining in the amount of time that you can get an abortion. Currently it seems like six weeks for some reason is a measurement since that’s when the heartbeat is created I’m not so sure if that makes any sense. Currently Georgia is at 22 weeks which might seem a little big for me but it’s certainly a lot better than six. I would say at least 12 which puts it in the first trimester if you don’t know by then that you’re pregnant and decide to do something about it you’re foolish. Almost all have something to least take care of rape medical reasons and incest but at this point that’s kind of unclear. I personally think that they should have some sort of recommendations for that or those situations before they can not allow abortions. I don’t believe that not allowing anyone to have an abortion makes sense so long as they don’t curb them from going somewhere else to get an abortion. That would seriously break quite a few constitutional amendments in my book.

I question a lot of things now things like whether or not you should be able to claim an unborn baby on your state income taxes especially in states that don’t allow you to have abortions because they consider the embryo to be a person. There’s a whole Lotta other things but whatever

The Supreme Court ruled today that the New York law that doesn’t allow you to carry concealed carry a gun is against the second amendment. This law I think has been there since 1913 absolutely crazy. What’s really funny is that essentially it just makes it so criminals will have guns and no one else will and it’s not like that for a very long time.

In other news the Senate is poised to put in some small changes to gun ownership essentially extra background checks people under the age of 21 won’t be able to purchase a weapon and I think more money for schools and security and weird stuff like that. Mental health concerns are trying to be considered. What’s interesting about all this is this is come about because we’ve had two mass shootings in the last year that have total about 32 people. Actually only two people were involved 32 people lost their lives. If you look at the mass shootings definition and how many people of died per year for the last 10 years it averages about 40 people year . What’s really crazy about this is there are things that kill people especially children like domestic violence accidental deaths but none of that is important. What’s important is to get guns out of peoples hands and not allow us to protect ourselves or protect ourselves from our government which is the true reason why the second amendment was created.