All posts for the month August, 2020

Another shooting involving a black man, Jacob Blake in Wisconsin. Shot while trying to pull something out of his car after he was repeatedly told not to. I’m assuming that he may not have had a gun but there really is no telling.

This after they Freak out about a black man getting shot while running away with a taser stolen off a police officer.

There is just no respect of authority being shown at all in both these cases.

Multiple sporting events are being boycotted in order to protest the action of these officers protecting themselves and the communities they are in. I find it more than tiresome.

Seems they might think that giving people with covid some plasma from a person that has recovered and have the anti-bodies can improve their chances of living ing.

The FDA has allowed use.

I noticed a couple of days ago that the caterpillars on the parsley plants had decreased to one. There were two then one and yesterday the second one disappeared as well, not sure if they became some food or if they are off to become Black Swallowtails

They had arrived about a week or two ago. About 4-5 of them and then only two.

Someone was telling me that apple may have a stock split, they also mentioned that Tesla was going to split, looked that up and they are talking about a 5-1 split, stock is around $1500 a share at this point. As far as Apple goes, it’s a 4-1 split planed for August 31, 2020.

Talked to Brian about Apple and he says they are moving all the IMacs and MacBooks to ARM processors in the future, he doesn’t like it. Says software support for many applications could or would go away. Not sure about that myself.