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Interesting, Someone posted on Instagram a picture of trumps Twitter saying something about that people don’t have to worry about low income housing in their neighborhoods anymore. They said that that was a racist statement. What’s interesting is to me the fact that they assumed that low Income housing meant Black people so they were actually being racist not Trump.

I also found out the the Suwannee Beerfest is canceled, the City of Suwannee has decided to halt all events until after September, then at that time I’m sure they will have another reason to F*** things up. People are scared of their shadows right now.

Due to the influx of COVID cases here in Georgia, the City of Suwanee has elected to cancel all events through September, including this year’s Suwanee Beer Fest. We are incredibly disappointed by the news, but understand that the safety of all attendees, vendors, volunteers and the community at large is paramount. And while COVID may take away our festival, it’ll never take away our love for beer! That’s why we’ve decided to keep the party going until we can all be together again on March 20, 2021!
We’ve provided a few options for you regarding your 2020 Suwanee Beer Fest tickets:

Option #1: Transfer your ticket to next year.
Transfer your ticket to the 2021 festival and have peace of mind knowing you have secured your spot to attend the biggest and best beer fest in the Southeast. 

Option #2: Donate $25 and receive a t-shirt.
For those who elect to transfer their ticket to 2021 or get a full refund, you may still choose to donate $25 to help Suwanee Beer Fest through this unexpected financial challenge In return, you will receive a 2020 festival T-shirt. A portion of these proceeds will be donated to Cooper’s Crew.

Option #3: Opt for a refund.
Option #4 is going to hurt, but we understand it’s tough out there. You can elect to receive a full refund by via the link below. Refunds must be requested before August 20th.

Option #4: Trade your ticketin for an exclusive 2020 Suwanee Beer Fest F*ck Covid Passport.
We have partnered with Georgia breweries to provide one free beer of their choice to passport holders who visit their taproom. This adds up to more than $60 of free beer! You’ll also receive a 2020 swag pack with a Suwanee Beer Fest T-shirt, a commemorative 5 oz. tasting glass, and a brew caddy that can be used to hold your beer at next year’s festival! PLUS, everyone who completes the passport will receive a special gift at the 2021 festival! The passports are good through March 20, 2021. Breweries to be announced.
MORE INFOVIP: If you are a VIP ticket holder, you get both option 1 and 4 — you can transfer your ticket to next year and also receive the F*ck Covid Passport and swag pack.

Please note: You must choose your option before August 20, 2020!
CHOOSE YOUR OPTION!We want to take this time to thank you, the attendees, for your continued support of Suwanee Beer Fest. We know these aren’t ideal circumstances, and we greatly appreciate your understanding. And to our vendors, sponsors, and Georgia breweries, we look forward to sharing a beer with you all at next year’s festival. Stay safe, everyone!For more detailed information, visit our blog.READ MORE
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Major trading data and key economic statistics since Donald Trump was elected
U.S. President.

Thursday, Jul 09, 2020

U.S. Equities – Size
Election Since
Index Current 1-Day Day Inauguration

S&P 500 3169.94 +0.78% +48.16% +40.03%
S&P Midcap 400 1774.86 +0.68% +17.28% +6.44%
S&P Smallcap 600 818.56 +0.41% +12.74% -0.66%

U.S. Equities – S&P Sectors
Election Since
Index Current 1-Day Day Inauguration

Financials 385.14 +1.05% +16.09% +0.71%
Semi-Cond & Semi-Cond Eqpt 1382.53 +1.41% +41.22% +97.93%
Pharm Biotech & Life Sci’s 1016.17 -0.05% +40.98% +38.29%
Health Care Providers 975.69 -0.30% +59.89% +46.62%
Energy 275.17 -0.11% -46.10% -49.47%
Industrials 579.78 -0.03% +15.31% +5.95%
Aerospace & Defense 976.53 -0.21% +22.57% +12.69%
Retail Select 4595.43 +1.20% +6.11% +1.75%
Consumer Staples 612.46 -0.21% +13.27% +14.32%

Global Equity Benchmark Indexes
Election Since
Index Current 1-Day Day Inauguration

DJIA (U.S.) 26067.28 +0.68% +42.19% +32.10%
Nasdaq (U.S.) 10492.50 +1.44% +102.03% +89.39%
IPC All-Share (Mexico) 37483.88 -0.93% -22.67% -18.98%
S&P/TSX Comp 15629.19 +0.22% -2.96% +1.42%
Shanghai Comp (China) 3450.59 +1.39% +9.62% +11.26%
RTS (Russia) 1248.73 +0.26% +28.38% +9.86%

Election Since
Index/Currency Pair Current 1-Day Day Inauguration

WSJ U.S. Dollar Index 90.70 -0.14% +3.06% -1.22%
USD/MXN 22.56 -0.49% +23.12% +2.78%
USD/CAD 1.35 -0.09% +6.07% +1.38%
USD/CNY 6.99 -0.26% +2.97% +1.66%
USD/RUB 70.58 -0.84% +10.67% +18.24%

Election Since
Commodity Current 1-Day Day Inauguration

WTI Crude Oil ($/bbl) 40.81 -0.22% -9.27% -20.56%
Soybeans ($/bbl) 905.50 +0.92% -9.31% -15.18%
Corn (¢/bushel) 352.25 +1.73% +1.15%
Gold ($/troy oz) 1814.80 -0.32% +42.39% +51.04%
Copper ($/lb) 2.87 +1.49% +20.42% +9.79%
HRC Steel ($/short ton) 484.00 -0.82% -23.54% -18.66%

U.S. Economy
Pre- Next
Election 2016 Release
Indicators Current Average Average Date

GDP (Q/Q) -1.3% (Q1) 0.41% 0.47% July 30
Unemployment Rate 11.1% (Jun) 4.91% 4.85% Aug 07
Labor Participation Rate 61.5% (Jun) 62.77% 62.77% Aug 07
CPI (Y/Y) 0.2% (May) 1.05% 1.27% July 14
PPI (Y/Y) -0.8% (May) -0.01% 0.43% July 10
PMI (Chicago) 36.6 (Jun) 51.31 53.08 July 31
Consumer Sent. (U.Mich) 78.1 (Jun) 91.17 91.84 July 17
Retail Sales (Y/Y) -6.1% (May) 2.72% 3.02% July 16
Fed Funds Target Rate 0.00-0.25%% 0.22%-0.47% 0.26%-0.51% July
Trade Balance ($ Billions)
Pre- Next
Election 2016 Release
U.S. with… Current Average Average Date

Mexico -4.5 (May) -5.2 -5.3 Aug 05
Canada -1.0 (May) -0.7 -0.9 Aug 05
China -27.0 (May) -29.0 -28.9 Aug 05
Russia -0.7 (May) -0.6 -0.7 Aug 05

NOTE 1: Pre-election averages are calculated by taking the average 12 months
(Nov 2015 – Oct 2016) or 4 quarters (Q4 2015 – Q3 2016) prior to election.

NOTE 2: U.S. equity data are as of the prior trading day. Shanghai Composite
data are as of that day’s close. Currency data are near real time. Commodity
and Russia RTS data are delayed by at least 15 minutes.

Sources: Dow Jones Market Data Group , FactSet

(END) Dow Jones Newswires
07-09-20 0847ET
Copyright (c) 2020 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

racism[ rey-siz-uh m ]
a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.
a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

You shouldn’t be re-defining something just to make your point, create another word.