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WTH, Atlanta sheriff resigns, cop fired.

The dude was told he was being arrested for being drunk, not sure he should hav been, since he wasn’t driving at the time but then he resisted arrest and stole the police officer’s taser and ran, shooting the taser behind him. Then cop then pulled his weapon and shot him three times, they are trained to do that.

Why did he run? Why did the drunk guy react that way, if he hadn’t done that he would be alive today.

The radishes are growing I kind of think I’m a little bit trying to move and re-plant some I’m not sure how well that’ll work out.t

Couple of the strawberries are getting read and write but there’s a lot of small ones right now. Granddaughter was trying to pick a few I think or at least pinching them. Maybe I need to make sure I keep an eye on her a little more.

The herbs are flourishing I got way too much basil and way too much dill. I need to get something to use that. I guess if I make spaghetti again that would be something I could use. I still would like to use a bunch of the Basil with the salmon with basil sauce.

I have some cilantro that’s coming up but it’s gonna be a while before anything we can do anything work. Going to have to have a tacos.

Wow I forgot to give you talked about the tomatoes or tomato seem to be doing really good place for seven or eight tomatoes one of them really big bird got to get all trading ride yet. Last stream the big tree is still doing really well I still have to keep watering it and there’s a lot of figs will just have to see how many of them actually right now we’re still rather small now.