All posts for the day October 8th, 2019

Still overcast but no real rain again, it said there was suppose to be rain but I know my weather station saw NONE.

Today at work was mostly, learning and some meetings. We had three things about different parts of the software, PushReports, SurveyInvites and then a big meeting for Dev with the Analyst. LeslieW I think it was. Not sure if she is here or over in Winnipeg. I also heard that the two guys that are all that in Dev, Colton and Jersey are both leaving and I think it is at the end of the week.

I think I’ll have to get them for at least 120K or they can kiss my ass.

Stopped in at Hooters again tonight spent most of the evening messing with Razor pages and .NET core 3 on Mac, still no really good stuff with a DB only working on MemDB.

Harley and Allison are the hi lights of the evening, both with marvelous asses.