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Trump said yesterday he didn’t think that Putin or Russia had messed with the election. Now he says they have or may have. Seems that the FBI has arrested a Russian woman who has suppositely influenced people in Washington. Paid by some Money officials in Russia. mmm, OK, they influenced people, people do that all the time, is it really a crime? Deport her then and be done with it.

Per Fox News:
“A Russian woman accused of conspiring to infiltrate U.S. political organizations — possibly including the National Rifle Association — at the direction of an unnamed senior Kremlin official was indicted by a federal grand jury and charged additionally Tuesday.

Spy or Student?

Maria Butina, 29, who accompanied Republican activist Paul Erickson to President Trump’s inauguration, was charged with a second offense of acting as a foreign agent, which has its own 10-year-maximum prison sentence, as Politico reported; she had been arrested Sunday on a charge of conspiracy to act as an unregistered agent of the Russian government.”

“According to the affidavit in support of the complaint, from as early as 2015 and continuing through at least February 2017, Butina worked at the direction of a high-level official in the Russian government who was previously a member of the legislature of the Russian Federation and later became a top official at the Russian Central Bank. This Russian official was sanctioned by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control in April 2018,” the Justice Department press release states.

Kreg Accu-Cut, sucks

Stopped in @ Home Depot and picked up one of Kreg’s Accu-Cut jigs for the circular saw, it was not what I expected.

The Accu-Cut it didn’t clamp down, wasn’t very secure and had way too much play while it was in the track. I’d say at least 1/32 to 1/16 Inch. It also didn’t attach to the saw very well and the setup instructions were very hard to follow. OK, I did have a beer so maybe that didn’t help much in the instruction following part.

I’ve decided to try and take it back to HD tomorrow, because this thing does suck big-time.