All posts for the day May 15th, 2018

Overcast completely today. It was still in the 70’s this morning even before the sun came up. But, it only got into the lower 80’s this evening. Only a small sprinkling as far as rain.

Worked on the performance issue some more. They are getting all bent about it so I talked to JohnM since he was in the meeting with Kenny, he was expecting the video as well and didn’t pay as much attention as he should have.

Watched the YouTube channel, Mr. Carlson’s Lab and then decided to pay him $2\month for his stuff on Patreon. I’ve learned a lot for free and hey, I can afford the $2/month.

Stopped in at Fry’s after work, looking to pick up some stuff for the Capacitor-Analyzer from Carlson. Only they are shit for parts. Not to mention it’s a real bitch to find them in the cross-reference, especially since I didn’t have my glasses.

Stopped in @ Hooters for some cheese sticks and a beer, the very drunk asian looking dude was there, also David, Bruce, Micheal and the roofer, Roger? Rodney? black dude, really buff, works out a lot. Brit was there, along with Ali, also Katie is back and now works at TMac and Hooters.

Came home before dark, messed round the house