All posts for the day November 14th, 2017

Cold and clear this morning kind of wispy clouds came through.

Ended up hitting the snooze waking up this morning then I woke up and realized it was 530 already. Hurried up and headed out to work getting here about 630. Started working on the unit test for the recap services it’s really just a Jason class reader I guess.

Interestingly enough I slept a little better last night not sure why went to sleep probably around 1030 and I didn’t actually wake up again until about 4 o’clock 4 AM and I just rolled over went back to sleep and then woke up about 5 o’clock and basically sat around for the alarm to go off. The alarm didn’t go off and then I hit the snooze wasn’t really the best idea.

Went out for a quick walk on the trail not much wildlife pretty cold actually. Did hear a woodpecker in the distance though. Thinking about all the stuff I need to get packed up for the Florida trip get it all in the truck pack up a few rifles and guns ammo. Now I got to decide if I want to leave Thursday after beer of the month or if I want to go ahead and just wait until the morning I’m kind of leaning toward the morning.

Going out for a walk on the trail about 9 AM headed on out like I said only got some good pictures at first that I saw three doe’s, they were hanging out just after you cross the second bridge.

After work I had to run over to Hooters Erica was at the bar Cheyenne and Taylor along with the very big boob and Bailey. It’s just amazing Bailey tends to always be touching her breasts. Not to mention the fact she smashes them up as often as she can. Definitely a sight to see and I would certainly love to play with him. I’d love to play with and without fucking up from behind bang in that big ass. Not to mention spraying all over glasses.

Came home after a couple of big daddy’s and then ate some Snacks for dinner. I’ve been watching a silly movie teenybopper UFC fight movie. I really needed to be packing for the trip to Florida but I did not know that.